DIY safety pin earrings

I saw i havent done a blog post in a while, and i got wire today, so i wanted to upload a DIY gdragon safety pin earring tutorial without using safety pins!
•20-22 gauge wire. (Im using 20 gauge wire, because it is the right size for dangle earrings.)
•wire cutters
•round nose pliers


1: cut a piece of wire to any size. I have already done one for reference.


2: take your round nose pliers and make 2 overlapping circles in the middle of the wire


3: now make a curve in one of the wires. This is where your ear is going to lay.


4:cut off any of the excess wire.


5:put in your ear, and… DA-DAN!!! Done!


This is a very easy diy. And of course, you could use regular safety pins, but i didnt have any, plus, i didnt know what to do with all my wire i have… XD sooo, yeah!

Time: 5 mins

Stay tune for more diys!!!!

Kpop accessories pt. 2- rings and bracelets

Hello, everyone! So for pt. 2 of kpop accessories, i wanted to show you things you can make with things easily bought from the store, or things that you can acquire very easily from online, or in boutiques!

This is a diy project i did with a ring, an eraser, and super glue.

I just stuck the ring inside the eraser, then put super glue to hold it in place. It was very easy to make!

Next, is a gummy bear ring that was inspired by 2ne1. I got it from a tutorial from minjivanpark. She is an amazing kpop diyer.

I used gummy bears, super glue, and sense i didnt have ring bases at the time, i used clay for the base if the ring. I just glued gummy bears on an index card, and put the card on the home-made base. It was very simple.

Next is things that i got from stores that screamed “chic, kpop, and glamour”.

This is a Crystal 5 layer bracelet my mom gave to me. This would be something girls generation, or any girl group would wear because it is flashy.

The next thing is character watches. Usually, kpop stars like character watches because it is cute, and child-like.

This is a vintage micky mouse watch i have had for a long time. I never really wore watches, but because of all the schedules i have, i decided to keep track of time by wearing one.

Here are some more: