Cute fruit rings!

Hello! So i haven’t updated in a while, but i am on spring break!

So i thought of some cute little rings to have and wear for spring/summer. And i also had little fimo cane slices laying around, so i thought, why not?! (I dont like using them on my nails, because they fall off easily.)

These cute delicate rings are a must have for spring and summer!

•E6000 glue (or any heavy duty glue. Super glue and hot glue should work too, but please be careful!)
•metal wire (again, i am using 20 guage)
•fimo cane slices (you can use what ever things you have. Sequins and flat back pearls could work too! ^^)
•jewelry tools


1: cut wire to appropriate length and wrap around anything that mimics the size and shape of your finger


For this one, i curled the ends with round nose pliers to give it a ‘wrapped’ style ring.

2: get your glue ready and put a small amount on a needle or toothpick and apply to one of the sides of the ring.


4:then place on one of your fimo slices.


5:take another little bit of glue and place it on the back of the ring, and put another fimo slice. This will sandwich the little wire piece and help the fimo slices stick together.


6:repeat the same process on the other part of the ring.



Let dry for at least 1hour.


Time: 5 minutes! Wow!


Feel free to wear your new ring on the streets!

Here are some other ideas and examples of rings i have made.





DIY safety pin earrings

I saw i havent done a blog post in a while, and i got wire today, so i wanted to upload a DIY gdragon safety pin earring tutorial without using safety pins!
•20-22 gauge wire. (Im using 20 gauge wire, because it is the right size for dangle earrings.)
•wire cutters
•round nose pliers


1: cut a piece of wire to any size. I have already done one for reference.


2: take your round nose pliers and make 2 overlapping circles in the middle of the wire


3: now make a curve in one of the wires. This is where your ear is going to lay.


4:cut off any of the excess wire.


5:put in your ear, and… DA-DAN!!! Done!


This is a very easy diy. And of course, you could use regular safety pins, but i didnt have any, plus, i didnt know what to do with all my wire i have… XD sooo, yeah!

Time: 5 mins

Stay tune for more diys!!!!

Kpop accessories pt. 3: mirrors

Hey guys,
So i just wanted to say that i had all my electronics taken away, so i couldn’t do any blogging, but i have them back!

So anyway, todays topic is mirrors. They are a good addition to any purse because how many times do you need to apply lip gloss or fix anything and never have a mirror? A lot of times fir me, so i wanted to show you deco mirrors that you can do yourself!

This bap mirror is made out of paint, with a super glue top coat so it doesnt chip.

This one is made out of silver plastic pearls, ribbon, paint, and glitter

This one is the most simple. Perfect for every day. Again, i used glitter, but also some pink glitter polish for some pops of color.

These mirrors are very simple to do. And when i get more, ill post a tutorial. They are free gifts from a company my mom orders from a lot, so they give her mirrors. (Its weird because it is a perfume company XD)

Kpop accessories pt. 2- rings and bracelets

Hello, everyone! So for pt. 2 of kpop accessories, i wanted to show you things you can make with things easily bought from the store, or things that you can acquire very easily from online, or in boutiques!

This is a diy project i did with a ring, an eraser, and super glue.

I just stuck the ring inside the eraser, then put super glue to hold it in place. It was very easy to make!

Next, is a gummy bear ring that was inspired by 2ne1. I got it from a tutorial from minjivanpark. She is an amazing kpop diyer.

I used gummy bears, super glue, and sense i didnt have ring bases at the time, i used clay for the base if the ring. I just glued gummy bears on an index card, and put the card on the home-made base. It was very simple.

Next is things that i got from stores that screamed “chic, kpop, and glamour”.

This is a Crystal 5 layer bracelet my mom gave to me. This would be something girls generation, or any girl group would wear because it is flashy.

The next thing is character watches. Usually, kpop stars like character watches because it is cute, and child-like.

This is a vintage micky mouse watch i have had for a long time. I never really wore watches, but because of all the schedules i have, i decided to keep track of time by wearing one.

Here are some more:



Kpop accessories pt. 1- necklaces

I am a really big fan of kpop, so i decided to make this post about what i wear! This is usually what i wear on a regular basis. I think that with the right things, you can make cute kpop statement pieces aswell!

When i walk into school, i usually go for comfy, casual, chic, but also a category i get told alot, diyer. Many people ask me how i make all my accessories and things i wear, so i will just tell them, chain, clay, paint, pastels, jump rings, eye pins, etc…

This is a gdragon necklace i made from clay, paint, and chain. I got a lot of compliments from it, and also new friends from it aswell!

Also, because i am a BABY, i decided i would do a BAP whistle necklace as well.

People are always like, “is that a real whistle? How did you get it so blingy like that? Where can i get one?” I always say that it is better if you have something that is different than everyone else because you get loads of questions.

Having that sort of ‘crafty’ side to me also makes me want to try to make difficult crafts. So, i decided to make a ‘robo vixx viking’ necklace.

This little booger took me forever to make, but it was worth it, because i have gotten many compliments on it aswell. I am a dedicated STARLITE!

Many things can be made into kpop pieces. No matter what it is. I hope you toon in to my next part of ‘kpop accessories’!

Gold sneakers

I have seen alot of kpop idols wear gold accents in their outifits. Weather it be jewelry, or in their clothes, gold/ silver is the rage.


When i first saw these shoes on the forever21 website, i knew i had to have them! They give a flashy statement without looking to out of place. I usually wear this with white denim shorts, or black skinnies. I also wear a graphic tee aswell so everyones eyes stare at my feet. These shoes are really something!

They have gold studs on the sides. And also a beige bottom, with dark khaki laces.

I think these would maybe be ‘EXO’ inspired, or maybe 2NE1. They just have this punk/edge to them. These are good for any season, and could be paired with almost anything!

Gold sneakers: 25-30$