Cute fruit rings!

Hello! So i haven’t updated in a while, but i am on spring break!

So i thought of some cute little rings to have and wear for spring/summer. And i also had little fimo cane slices laying around, so i thought, why not?! (I dont like using them on my nails, because they fall off easily.)

These cute delicate rings are a must have for spring and summer!

•E6000 glue (or any heavy duty glue. Super glue and hot glue should work too, but please be careful!)
•metal wire (again, i am using 20 guage)
•fimo cane slices (you can use what ever things you have. Sequins and flat back pearls could work too! ^^)
•jewelry tools


1: cut wire to appropriate length and wrap around anything that mimics the size and shape of your finger


For this one, i curled the ends with round nose pliers to give it a ‘wrapped’ style ring.

2: get your glue ready and put a small amount on a needle or toothpick and apply to one of the sides of the ring.


4:then place on one of your fimo slices.


5:take another little bit of glue and place it on the back of the ring, and put another fimo slice. This will sandwich the little wire piece and help the fimo slices stick together.


6:repeat the same process on the other part of the ring.



Let dry for at least 1hour.


Time: 5 minutes! Wow!


Feel free to wear your new ring on the streets!

Here are some other ideas and examples of rings i have made.





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