DIY safety pin earrings

I saw i havent done a blog post in a while, and i got wire today, so i wanted to upload a DIY gdragon safety pin earring tutorial without using safety pins!
•20-22 gauge wire. (Im using 20 gauge wire, because it is the right size for dangle earrings.)
•wire cutters
•round nose pliers


1: cut a piece of wire to any size. I have already done one for reference.


2: take your round nose pliers and make 2 overlapping circles in the middle of the wire


3: now make a curve in one of the wires. This is where your ear is going to lay.


4:cut off any of the excess wire.


5:put in your ear, and… DA-DAN!!! Done!


This is a very easy diy. And of course, you could use regular safety pins, but i didnt have any, plus, i didnt know what to do with all my wire i have… XD sooo, yeah!

Time: 5 mins

Stay tune for more diys!!!!

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