Kpop accessories pt. 3: mirrors

Hey guys,
So i just wanted to say that i had all my electronics taken away, so i couldn’t do any blogging, but i have them back!

So anyway, todays topic is mirrors. They are a good addition to any purse because how many times do you need to apply lip gloss or fix anything and never have a mirror? A lot of times fir me, so i wanted to show you deco mirrors that you can do yourself!

This bap mirror is made out of paint, with a super glue top coat so it doesnt chip.

This one is made out of silver plastic pearls, ribbon, paint, and glitter

This one is the most simple. Perfect for every day. Again, i used glitter, but also some pink glitter polish for some pops of color.

These mirrors are very simple to do. And when i get more, ill post a tutorial. They are free gifts from a company my mom orders from a lot, so they give her mirrors. (Its weird because it is a perfume company XD)

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